We Can Love Jim Thome Again!

Jim Thome has had an awesome career, and is completely loveable, but for most of his career,  American League Central fans have had to hate him. Well, they may now rejoice, because he's out of the AL again. (Well, rejoice, unless you are a Rockies or Giants fan...)

Thome was traded by the White Sox to the Dodgers last night for minor league infielder Justin Fuller. The Dodgers also aquired right handed pitcher Jon Garland from the Diamondbacks for a player to be named later. The Dodgers are looking to beef up their roster due to the Rockies and the Giants all of the sudden lurking up on them in the standings - as of this morning, both teams are only 5.5 games behind the Dodgers.

It's still unclear what position Thome will actually play for his new team. He's been strictly a DH for the last couple of seasons, and hasn't played first base full time since 2004. I'm sure they'll figure it out somehow, they need his bat (and his 564 home runs).

Welcome back to that little place in my heart, Jimmy.


Bill said...

I've always made an exception for Thome. It's impossible to hate that guy, even as a White Sock. I would just take all the hatred normally reserved for that spot on their roster and rechannel it into AJ Pierzynski. (You'd think his departure would then mean I would hate AJ less, but strangely that's not how it works.)