That Sucking Sound Was Eric Wedge

What a horrible few years the 64-92 Cleveland Indians have had.

Eric Wedge will finish out what's left of the season, but will not be fulfilling the final year of his contract. And the rest of the coaching staff is going with him.

When a manager gets fired, this question often arises: Who's fault is it really? Well, they've lost 20 of their last 25 games and recently went on a torrid 11-game skid; and after seven seasons as the Tribe's skipper, Wedge guided them to only one playoff appearance.

Just sayin'.

Granted, they were one win away from a trip to the World Series two years ago -- the same season Wedge was honored with the Manager of the Year Award -- but they managed to blow it as a team, anyhow.

Good luck to the next guy, who will be hired within the next few weeks.

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The BEEZE said...

Thank God they finally got rid of this dolt...Now GM Shapiro needs to go...I'm even up for our owner, Mr. Dolan, getting out of here!