Albert Pujols: Slow Down 10-Speed

Pujols' badassery knows no bounds.Holy smokes, Albert Pujols.

Before drawing his major league-leading 40th intentional walk Tuesday night (making way for a Matt Holliday go-ahead longball) Pujols smashed his 42nd home run of the season in the St. Louis Cardinals' 7-6 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The perennial All-Star first baseman is batting .320 on the season with 111 RBI and 104 runs scored. Is there anything he can't do?

More importantly, can he beat Shaq in a Home Run Derby?

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Jacob said...

That video was ridiculous. Where have you been Suz!? I was worried!

buyingachampionship.com said...

As much as I thought this show would be a complete disaster, it was mildly entertaining. Best part of it? To see how fan friendly these two mega-stars are.

josh q public said...

he's no joe mauer

Sooze said...

I heart you, Public.

Bassmaster said...

Actually, Joe Mauer is the Albert Pujols of the AL. Not the other way around! (based on seniority alone)

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