Chuck Knoblauch: Wife Beater

I guess we sort of already knew that Chuck Knoblauch was a giant dickhead, but now there's more evidence to support our theory.

The former big league infielder, who won a World Series with the Minnesota Twins before becoming a cheating New York Yankee, has been charged with assaulting his common-law wife. More specifically, he hit her in the face and then choked her in their Houston home this past Friday.

What a guy.

A judge set Knoblauch’s bond at $10,000 on Tuesday, but his attorney did not care to comment.

BLB Public Service Announcement: Domestic violence sucks.

[Yankees.com] | [Star Tribune]


dmac said...

At least... it wasn't on a streetcorner, a la Brett Myers? Yeah, I dunno.

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