Chuck Knoblauch: Wife Beater

I guess we sort of already knew that Chuck Knoblauch was a giant dickhead, but now there's more evidence to support our theory.

The former big league infielder, who won a World Series with the Minnesota Twins before becoming a cheating New York Yankee, has been charged with assaulting his common-law wife. More specifically, he hit her in the face and then choked her in their Houston home this past Friday.

What a guy.

A judge set Knoblauch’s bond at $10,000 on Tuesday, but his attorney did not care to comment.

BLB Public Service Announcement: Domestic violence sucks.

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dmac said...

At least... it wasn't on a streetcorner, a la Brett Myers? Yeah, I dunno.

Marea said...

I need to throw some more hot dogs at him.

Troy Patterson said...

We should have put him at second. Then the punch would have missed for sure.

Family Fitness Files said...

Maybe he can share a cell with Leyritz

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