Canadian Crusher Out for the Season

Due to a stress fracture in his lower back, Justin Morneau’s season is over.

The Minnesota Twins first baseman hurt himself while attempting a Nick Punto-style headfirst slide into first base last Friday, but has been playing through the pain much longer than that.

The good news for my Canadian Crusher and the Twins is that he doesn't need surgery. In fact, all he's supposed to do is rest for the next few months. Morneau, batting .274 on the season with 30 bombs and 100 RBIs says he's "99% sure" he'll be ready to play at his team's spankin' new stadium this Spring.

This pretty much mangles Minnesota's chances for a division title, what with the Detroit Tigers starting to heat up and the Twins just not finding a groove this late in the season.

Though their shot of taking the AL Central is slim to none, the two teams still have seven head-to-head meetings left. Things could still get interesting down the stretch...

Too bad Man Muscles can't just have 27 at bats a game.

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Anonymous said...

The Twins are so screwed.