Poor Jamie Moyer

sad faceJamie Moyer is not happy with the Philadelphia Phillies, to say the least.

The old school hurler went off about team management Tuesday, claiming he felt "misled" and "disheartened" by their decision to move him to the bullpen. The demotion came in favor of another aging pitcher, Pedro Martinez, who will debut in red pinstripes later on tonight against the Chicago Cubs.

Moyer, a 46-year-old lefty who is normally classified as calm and collected, sat in the stands behind the Phils' dugout at Wrigley Field while talking to the media... which is just kind of strange. Said the 22-year veteran:
Ultimately, I’m a little disheartened because I know this past winter, when I was negotiating with the Phillies, this was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening. You can't promise anything in this game, but I really felt that Ruben kind of parlayed to me that this type of situation would not happen.
Sorry to burst your sad, sad bubble Jamie, but baseball is about winning. If you can't help your team do that over a quality start (you know, six good innings) then you belong in the bullpen if anywhere at all.

Moyer leads his team in wins and losses with a 10-9 record, while his 5.47 ERA is one of the gaudiest in the big leagues.

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Bassmaster said...

What a whiner!!! You're right, he's lucky to be on the pitching staff at all with an ERA like that, especially in a pennant race!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with all of the above. Quit your belly-aching Moyer!

LynnieMac said...

"but I really felt that Ruben kind of parlayed to me that this type of situation would not happen."

So negotiations went like this:

Jamie Moyer: So if my ERA gets close to 5.5, and the team has added two Cy Young Award winners, and someone has to go to the bullpen, it won't be me?

GM: No, Jamie. Pinky swear.

Because if this conversation didn't happen, then I fail to see how Jamie Moyer was "misled".

Buyingachampionship.com said...

Honestly, what the hell did Moyer think was going to happen? I mean, Pedro is no spring chicken, but still. Moyer will be 50 before he knows it. It's time to give up, gramps. Thanks for the memories.

The Sports Idiot said...

That was pretty funny, LynnieMac.

Moyer's ERA is the worst of NL starting pitchers. His run support (per 9) is the second highest of NL starters. The only thing misleading here is Moyer's win total.

Of course, I said all that on my blog yesterday, Sooze....

LynnieMac said...

I really do like Jamie Moyer and I hope he does pitch until he's 50. I would just prefer him to do it effectively and without whining.

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