Let's Get Denarded In Here


Much to my delight and amazement, the Minnesota Twins managed to put together two wins -- in a row -- after their 5-4 victory over the Texas Rangers Wednesday night, coming back from a 4-run deficit for the second straight day.

This marks the first time in all 19 days of August so far that the Twins have strung together one win after another. Pretty impressive stuff there. Spoiling Ivan Rodriguez's re-debut with his parent team, Denard Span (officially batting .300 on the season) went 3-for-4, hitting the tying double before sliding past Pudge with the go-ahead run on an Orlando Cabrera base hit in the sixth inning to make it 5-4.

Rodriguez's first game back in Arlington wasn't a complete wash, however. Riled-up fans had barely settled down from a second standing ovation before he singled on a grounder up the middle before scoring on Julio Borbon’s texas leaguer in the third.

Consequently, the Rangers fell a game behind the Boston Red Sox in the AL wild-card race, while the Twins gained a game on the Detroit Tigers, who lead the AL Central by two games over the Chicago White Sox and 5.5 over the Twins after their Wednesday loss to the Seattle Mariners.

Also, get well soon, Canadian Crusher.


Megs said...

TWO IN A ROW!!!!1!!!!!

Sooze said...

I know, Crazy huh.

Chaska said...

Denard Span has to be one of the most underrated players in baseball right now. Does anyone even know who he is??

Bassmaster said...

Denard who?

Megs said...

there goes the winning streak. :(

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