Another One Bites the Dust for the Mets

Poor Mets fans...It looks like it's going to get much, much worse for the New York Mets before it gets any better.

Adding to their laundry list of injuries this season, Johan Santana will need surgery to remove bone chips from his left elbow, putting an end to his fantastic season. This marks player #12 to hit the disabled list for the Mets this season.

The two-time Cy Young Award winner is expected to be ready to pitch again this spring, which is pretty good news considering he still has four seasons left on his gigantic $137.5 million contract. Santana is 13-9 with a nice 3.13 ERA and 146 strikeouts over 25 starts in his second season with the team.

Speaking of New York, old-as-hell pitcher Billy Wagner has waived his no-trade clause, and has been dealt to the Boston Red Sox for a couple players to be named later. Good for the Mets, but possibly an unspeakable Eric Gagne-like situation for the Sox. Or it could be a good thing. We'll see.

Get well soon, Flushing.

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Megs said...

My bitter Twins fan side is a little excited right now.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't even matter. The Mets were out of the race anyway and Johan has been pitching with discomfort for a while now. It's crazy that it's taken them this long to have him looked at.

Sooze said...

Anon, I agree. He'll be fine by next Spring, along with a bunch of other injured players. And now they got rid of the dead weight of Wagner and have some prospects coming their way next season.

TwinsGoddess said...

If I had any idea who this "Johan" person was, I might be feeling inappropriately smug right now. Good thing I've never heard of him.

Buyingachampionship.com said...

If he stayed with the Twins, he never would have had this injury.

The Mets' season ended several weeks ago anyway. Might as well prepare for 2010, huh?

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