Cliff Lee Will Wear Red Pinstripes [Updated]

Lee might be headed out of Cleveland.

I think Ruben Amaro Jr. feels pretty bad for botching that whole Roy Halladay thing. Maybe that's why the Philadelphia Phillies have proposed a trade with the Cleveland Indians for the next best thing: staff ace Cliff Lee.

The Indians are definitely selling at this point, so it's not like this trade is completely out of the question. But what would the Phils offer in return? Not Kyle Drabek, that's for sure. And it better be good for Cleveland to shop their best hurler.

The defending World Series champs have apparently offered the Tribe a package deal, and judging from the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs' lineup card for Wednesday, right-hander Carlos Carrasco, shortstop Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson -- all scratched from today's game -- could be moved.

This information is, of course, via a source close to team negotiations, who would rather remain anonymous so he/she doesn't get canned.

With the non-waiver deadline sneaking up on us this Friday, it'll be interesting to see what goes down. Lee's response to the trade rumors?
"If everything written was true, I would have been traded about 12 times by now."
We'll see about that, Clifford.

Update: According to pretty much the entire internet, Lee has been traded along with left fielder Ben Francisco to Philadelphia for the above-mentioned minor leaguers. The kicker was throwing 6'5", 18-year-old Class-A righty Jason Knapp into the mix. He's pretty awesome, I guess.

I'm gonna go ahead and high-five the Tribe for getting this deal done. You guys ditched an aging, though still great, pitcher (sorry Cleveland fans, I know it stings at first) but came out on top. And it'll show in the long run -- the very, very long run.

P.S. , but this time with a hatred-fueled spin by the ladies from Playing the Field.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see this trade happening. Sure, the Indians might be sellers, but they're not give-awayers.