What Are The Chances of a Halladay Deal?

Roy probably isn't going anywhere this season.I'm gonna go with slim to none. Of course, Roy Halladay says he'd love to keep pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays... which he kind of has to say in order to avoid looking like a traitorous a-hole.

However, he also said he's willing to consider accepting a trade if the Jays approached him with a sweet-enough deal. He had this to say on the scenario:

"I want to stay, but I think it’s a situation you have to evaluate. I’m really not at that situation just yet. If something does come up, you weigh your options at that point. I hate to put the cart in front of the horse and start saying 'Do I want to do that?' I think you just evaluate the situations when they come."
The right-handed work horse (10-2, 2.79 ERA) will earn $14.25 million this year and $15.75 next season before his contract, complete with one of those tricky no trade clauses, comes to an end.

Doc, a life-long Blue Jay, is joined by general manager J.P. Ricciardi on the sentiment that he’s willing to listen to possible offers. Now let's sit back, relax, and watch 90% of the big leagues start licking their chops and picking up the horn. There's already some chatter in the Philadelphia area!

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Brandon said...

Doc the the Phillies? Yes please. Let's get his the hell out of the American League.

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