Way to Go, Big Brown

Ryan Howard became the fastest big leaguer to reach 200 career home runs Thursday, nailing his 23rd longball of the season on an 0-1 changeup from Chris Volstad in the sixth inning of his Philadelphia Phillies 4-0 win over the Florida Marlins.

The giant first baseman passed Hall-of-Famer Ralph Kiner, who reached the 200-home run milestone in 706 games. It took Howard 658 games.

When asked what he knew about Kiner, Big Brown replied:
Uh, he’s the guy whose record I broke... Not to be disrespectful or anything, but he was before my time.
Just a little bit. Kiner played for the Pirates, Cubs and Indians from 1946-1955, enjoying a string of seven seasons in which he led the league in home runs.

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Jacob said...

If he stays healthy, he will be baseball's new home run king.

IFChris said...

What can Brown do for you? Hit the f**k out of the ball, that's what.

Dan said...

Jacob, I have to disagree with you about Howard being the HR King. He's 29 years old. He got a very late start in the Majors. He'll surely hit 500 home runs. But 800? Even 700? That's really pushing it. He'll definitely have to become a DH at some point. Great hitter, but Philadelphia really screwed him over by clogging first base with Jim Thome for a while. I just wrote about this on my blog - mlbbabble.com

toasterhands said...

What about Pujols as Home Run king?

Anonymous said...

read that as 'fattest' big leaguer, not 'fastest'. then i chuckled.

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