Roy and Timmy: Your All-Star Hurlers

Roy and Timmy: your All-Star starters

We're officially more than half-way through the 2009 baseball season, but the All-Star break is more or less considered the halfway point. Are you happy with where your team is sitting in its division standings? Washington Nationals fans, feel free to ignore that question. The rest of you have four days rest to ponder.

Anyway, your All-Star starters have been named, and there's no surprise there. San Francisco Giants phenom Tim Lincecum (10-2, 2.33 ERA) will take the hill Tuesday night for the National League while Toronto Blue Jays righty Roy Halladay (10-3, 2.85 ERA) will start for the American League.

Little Timmy, who almost threw a no-no last week, didn't get to pitch in last year's Midsummer Classic since he was under the weather. Pretty sure starting this year will make up for that. He is tied for the big league lead with 149 strikeouts and leads the majors in adorableness.

This will also mark Doc's first All-Star start, but it's his sixth appearance. And judging from the rumor mill, it could be his last while sporting a Toronto uni. The 80th annual All-Star game will air on ESPN at 8pm ET. Make sure to swing on by Pyle of List for a MST3K liveblog experiment! It's gonna kick ass.

This is just one of the many reasons we read RandBall.

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Anonymous said...

Is that latte Lincecum is cuddling? Hipster.

Megs said...

Timmy gets the start!!!!

P.S. I hate you, anonymous.

Marea said...

HAHA Megs.

Fetch said...

Christ Tiny Tim. Get a effin haircut.

eyebleaf said...


And Lincecum, well, clearly the only thing he knows how to do is pitch, b/c how else can one explain why he'd show up to his presser looking like that?

Dan said...

I'm more of a baseball guy who tends to stray way from superficial fashion talk... but will someone tell Lincecum to get a haircut!?!? It looks terrible!

Dean Collins said...

There have been 79 MLB All Stars games have been played.

So far National League 40 winning to American League 37. (2 ties)

Join us tonight at 8pm (est) http://www.LiveBaseballChat.com if you want to chat with fans from all teams - tonight support the game not just your team.

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