You Suck, Brandon Inge

Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge just hit zero bombs in the Home Run Derby.

Good job, buddy.

First round action: Nelson Cruz and Prince Fielder are tied with 11 longballs a piece. Ryan Howard has seven, Carlos Peña, Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer are all knotted up at five a piece, and Adrian Gonazalez managed two tater tots.

Man Muscles is out after hitting zero in the swing-off tie-breaker. Pena hit one, but Pujols nailed two. Prince Albert moves on to Round Two!

During the second round, Pooholes led off with six homers for a total of 11, native son Howard followed him with eight for 15 in all, Cruz then hit five for 16, and the fattest vegetarian ever knocked out six more for 17 total. Fielder and Cruz move on to the Finals. My money's on tofu.

After Cruz hit five homers, Fielder went on to win it with six.

This means Andrew wins the Home Run Derby Challenge! Thanks to all who played. Look for his guest post coming soon! Enjoy tonight's All-Star Celebrity Softball game re-run.


Marea said...

I'm effing dying right now.