National League: Lucky #13?

wow.Braveheart wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.

Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls set an NBA record with 70 wins in a single season.

Sublime's Bradley Nowell dies from a drug overdose and Tupac is gunned down.

I get my driver's licence and fill the red Beretta with $1.00 gallons of gasoline.

The year was 1996. It was a leap year in Philadelphia, marking the last time the National League won the All-Star game. The Senior Circuit will be looking for it's first win in 13 years this evening when they take on the American League in the 80th annual All-Star game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

The Junior Circuit has owned home field advantage ever since the game started to count six years ago. Anyone who says that doesn't make a difference can take a look at this stat: in 18 of the last 23 World Series, the team with home-field advantage has gone on to win it all.

After President Barack Obama tosses out the ceremonial first pitch to St. Louis favorite Albert Pujols, San Francisco Giants phenom Tim Lincecum will kick things off against Seattle Mariners superstar Ichiro Suzuki. The AL will be without Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria though, who was scratched from the lineup with an infected finger. Ew. Los Angeles Angels snubbed hot corner Chone Figgins will start in his place.

Make sure to swing on by Pyle of List for the MST3K liveblog experiment! It's gonna kick ass.

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Bassmaster said...

You just made me feel incredibly old. On that note, I'm picking the NL to win it this year.

Megs said...

Me too! Especially after the Homer Derby last night. Fielder is a monster, Pujols is going to dominate, and their pitching can't be touched.

Brad Templeman said...

I determined that of the 59 players on the roster in the 1996 All-Star Game, only 9 are still active in Major League Baseball and only 1 has been with the same team since that game: Chipper Jones. I'm also feeling for Albert Pujols, who is 0-8 in these games, while Derek Jeter is 9-0. Go NL!

Sooze said...

Brad, you did your homework! I'm starting to wonder if Chipper Jones is a robot.

IFChris said...

Ah yes. In the summer of 96, I was still enjoying Rick Pitino's one and only National Championship, courtesy of my Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/What's your favorite color, baby?
//Blue and White!!!!

dp said...

Ye gods. I seem to recall blasting 'Longview' and giggling at the lyrics sheet because I was 12. I still miss my framed Roberto Clemente poster.

Go NL!