Mattingly: Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth?

loony tunesThose of us who have mothers have all been irritated with the woman at least once in our lives. Does this mean we shove should them? Um... no, probably not. Unless of course you have failed to notice the media spotlight that has surrounded your life since birth.

The son of former New York Yankees great Don Mattingly has been arrested on charges of shoving his mother, Kim Mattingly. No, wait. It gets better: he also spit in her face.

Taylor Mattingly, 24, is now facing charges consisting of battery, battery by bodily waste (ew) and criminal mischief. He was let out of the slammer late Tuesday on $250 bond, which is not nearly enough money, in my opinion.

Apparently, the ex-Mrs. Donnie Baseball sent Taylor a text message insulting him, his girlfriend and his father. She might be bitter, batshit crazy, and have alcohol-related issues surrounding her personal life, but still... shoving and spitting on the woman who gave birth to you? Geez. Show some restraint.

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Anonymous said...

"Taylor Mattlingly, do you kiss your mama with that mouth?"
No... he spits on her.

Megs said...

There are such charges as battery of bodily waste? I'd hate to see how dirty those can get.

IFChris said...

I wasn't aware our digestive lubricant was considered bodily waste. You learn something new every damn day.

Brandon said...

Does she always look that surprised?

JackieO said...

Brandon, usually ladies with penciled-in eyebrows do. I'm willing to bet she was pretty surprised when her son shoved her and hawked a loogie in her eye!

Family Fitness Files said...

I shoved my mother once. ONCE. I was about 16, taller, faster, and considerably more fit than she was. The usualy teenage angst that just boiled over. She gave me this look I will never forget. And then the only thing in my brain was, "Oh my God, I just SHOVED the woman who gave birth to me." Still feel bad about it, especially after going through childbirth a couple times myself. Inexcusable.

Marea said...

Assault with bodily waste.
Nice. What's the 3rd degree version of that? :)

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