Lincecum Lights Up the Pirates

Just when you think Little Timmy can't get much better, he strikes out a career-high fifteen batters. Of course, he was kinda bullied into it. Former San Francisco Giants teammate and all-time Home Run King Barry Bonds stopped Lincecum before the game and threatened:
Beat my old team or I’ll beat you.

The 25-year-old flame-throwing righty pitched a four-hitter Monday night on the heels on a crappy 3-7 road trip to bring his record to 11-3 and lower his ERA to 2.30. The team's 4-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates was a welcome sight, with Lincecum rebounding from a loss to the Atlanta Braves on the 22nd where he was roughed up over five innings for four runs on seven hits with two walks. Nevertheless, he struck out nine that game.

For the Giants, this marks the first time in the history of the earned run (1912) that any hurler from their club has fooled fifteen guys without letting anyone cross the plate. Impressive.

Well on his way to a second consecutive Natonal League Cy Young award, Timmy walked three, but fanned more than ten batters for the sixth time this season and the 17th in his short career. So, why even vote for the NL Cy Young this year? There's no point. If the kid continues to throw this well, he'll run away with it, hands down.

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Family Fitness Files said...

He is scary good, but am I the only one who is worried about his young arm? Seems like he is throwing 100+ pitches in almost every start. The Giants have a promo, "K-Zone," and for each of his K's, fans get $1 off the cheap seats ($17) the next time Timmy pitches. So next game, they'll be $2. Nice concept, but is it worth it he wastes his arm?

Bonds was there for the tribute to Sue Burns, who passed away suddenly, just days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She was a great lady, and a true fan.

Anonymous said...

I'd pee my pants if Barry Bonds threatened me.

Sooze said...

Me too, anonymous. And you're smart to worry FFF!

Brian said...

Have you noticed that he's punching everyone out with his change-up? Last year he was much more of a fastball/curveball kind of guy. Either way, keep up the good work.

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