Defending Erin Andrews

retardfaceTyler Ohmann thinks Erin Andrews orchestrated the inappropriate nude videos of herself which are floating around the internet. Therefore, he is on my shit list.

Who the hell is Tyler Ohmann, you ask? Well, he's a complete moron. Aside from that, he moonlights as the "sports editor" of the University Chronicle for St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Me being a fellow Husky, I can't decide whether I'm more irritated with his views on the matter, or the fact that we attend the same institution. Too bad they don't offer a Common Sense course for guys like him.

She's behind these tapes about as much as she likes being stalked by handicapped Georgians. Yeah, that totally happened.

Before I continue my rant, most of you know I'm generally not an angry person, and it's incredibly difficult to offend me. However, it's articles like these from this past Sunday by scumbags like Tyler that piss me off to the point of clenched fists.

I feel like walking around town until I find this d-bag. When I did, I'd kick him square in the nuts, and videotape it. Then, I'd put the video on the internet and tell everyone he paid me to do it. Instead, I'll write a quick rebuttal...

Dear Dickhead,

Not only was your article poorly constructed, it was chock full of idiotic, tactless remarks. I realize it was an opinion piece, but let's get a grip on the English language, specifically grammar, before we call ourselves sports editors, alright?

Pretty sure if anyone spied on you in your hotel room, they'd find you either playing World of Warcraft or rubbing one out, likely to Erin Andrews' 3-minute video clip.

Now to the point. Andrews is the victim here. She didn't pay someone to post nude, voyeuristic videos of her ironing her pants and curling her hair on the internet. The woman has class, which is something you clearly lack. Also, she knows her stuff. Though she is attractive, she's not just another pretty face. The lady was raised in the business and it shows.

Keep up the fantastic work,

On that note, head on over and give Tyler a piece of your mind. It'd be worth the two seconds it takes to register to let him know what a dumbass he is.


Megs said...

God that guy looks like a tard.