All-Star Rosters Are All Set

The starting rosters for your 2009 All-Star teams are all set, and the American League roster is loaded with Boston Red Sox players. Business as usual, thanks to the fan-voting. Don't even get me started.

Speaking of the Sox, Tim Wakefield is an All-Star virgin at the age of 42, while Albert Pujols, the leading vote-getter, will be donning the National League jersey for the eighth time in his career. Derek Jeter finished at the top of the AL tallies for the first time, marking his tenth Midsummer Classic.

The final two spots for MLB's 80th All-Star game will go to one of five players from each league who neither the fans, players nor managers wanted around that badly. Voting for that ends this Thursday, so go here to see who gets picked last.

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Family Fitness Files said...

NL -- Vote for Pablo Sandoval! The Giants broadcasters refer to him as "Little Money," because he reminds them of Bengie Molina, "Big Money." All out hustle and remarkably athletic considering he's not the most svelte.

Marea said...

Seriously. Might as well just go to a freaking Red Sox game. Barf.
At least Justin and my Joes made it. But stupid Corky with a face muff Youklis will probably get to play before Justin - if Justin gets to play at all.
Total Bullshit.

Timberhill said...

Yes there are a lot of Red Sox this year, but can you really argue that any of them don't deserve to be there? Pedroia probably doesn't deserve the start, but it's no where near as ridiculous as Josh Hamilton starting over Torii Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Torii is having a hell of a season - agreed it's ridiculous that Hamilton is starting over him.

Casey Jones said...

Where the hell is Miggy Cabrera! Only batting like .325 with 16 bombs.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Chipper isn't playing this year. :(

Jamie Lynn said...

Best. All-Star picture. Ever. Those are three of the hottest rear ends in baseball.

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