Raul Ibanez Will Come After You

Ibanez wil come after you if you keep talking shit! Run!!

Raul Ibanez is not happy about your allegations.

The Philadelphia Phillies left fielder, incredibly offended that anyone suggest he's ever taken steroids, has made it clear he will retaliate if he hears you talking any more crap about him.
"I'll come after people who defame or slander me. It's pathetic and disgusting," he told the Philadelphia Daily News.
Ibanez, off to a surprisingly hot start since heading to Philly, leads the National League with 55 RBIs (edging Milwaukee Brewers monster first baseman Prince Fielder by a run) and is second in home runs with 20, just two behind San Diego Padres hot-hitting first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. This is somewhat shocking since his career averages for longballs and RBIs in a season are just 23 and 95, respectively, and he's on pace to blow those numbers away.

On a serious note, it's a bummer that people automatically think he's cheating, rather than praise him for his breakout performance. It's fishy, but the 37-year-old, who is batting .327 on the year, doesn't exhibit any of the other tell-tale signs of juicing... like a defensive temper?
"You can have my urine, my hair, my blood, my stool — anything you can test," he said. "I'll give you back every dime I've ever made [if the test is positive]."
Calm down pal. And you've got yourself a deal.

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Stool? Yuck.