What's That Sucking Sound?

Oh, it's just your Opening Day starter.

Happy Opening Week everyone! I'd like to start by asking Yankees, Indians, Padres and Diamondbacks fans to stop flipping out over their ace's recent performances. Actually, you're alright Padres fans... you have a lot to worry about.

But Yanks fans, are you seriously that concerned over CC Sabathia's debut in pinstripes? Sure, he sucked. But don't go crushing your $161 million dreams quite yet. The guy has seven long years to make good on his record-breaking contract.

The spankin' new lefty was lit up for six runs in 4-1/3 innings, while the A-Rodless lineup couldn't manage a rally to overcome their 10-5 loss to the Baltimore Orioles. He struggled with the command of his fastball all day, surrendering eight hits and walking five batters. What's worse, is that he failed to record a single strikeout, something he'd only done just four times prior in his career.

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Meg said...

Francisco Liriano was part of that sucking sound as well. :(