No Pressure, Patrick Schuster

Florida high school pitcher Patrick Schuster goes for no-hitter #5 today in the state playoffs.

The 18-year-old lefty has struck out an impressive 60 batters during his state-record string of no-no's, and if he's not getting them with his 90 mph fastball, he relies on a nasty slider and a nifty curve.

Two dozen major league scouts attended his last start, along with TV crews and a crowd somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 people, which his dad Roger estimated to be around 900 more than attended the home opener. The jerks in the opposing dugouts have tried to distract the young hurler by chanting, "Hey, ESPN boy!"

After not throwing even one no-hitter through his first three years of high school, Schuster is two short of the national prep record of six consecutive set by Chris Taranto of Mississippi back in 1961 and tied by Tom Engle of Ohio in 1989. Best of luck, Patrick!

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The Sports Idiot said...

Wow. Excellent find, Sooze! I had not heard of dude before now. You are going to get some more love on my blog!