Ian Kinsler Is an Animal

...but sometimes it happens twice in three days.

Texas Rangers slugger Ian Kinsler hit for the cycle Wednesday night in his team's current 15-4 ass-whoopin' over the Baltimore Orioles, just two days after Orlando Hudson became the first Dodger to do so in 39 years.

The hot-hitting second baseman doubled in the first, homered to deep left in the third, singled not once -- but twice in the fourth, and polished off the feat with a triple in the sixth.
There are two more innings left in this game, we'll update you if he manages to go 6-for-6. Then we'll faint.
Update: Well, it's the bottom of the eighth and Kinsler has not only gone 6-for-6, but has done so with an RBI double to deep left center. Then, he alertly scrambled to third on a wild pitch by Matt Albers before scoring on a Hank Blalock sac fly. Make that a final score of 19-6.

Kinsler, on a day dedicated to one of the greatest and most influential players of all time, became the fourth player in Rangers history to hit for the cycle, and the first guy in the big leagues to ever go 6-for-6 while doing so. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call hot.

Also? Shrimp!



John said...

6 for 6... count it.

Sooze said...


Kaitlynn said...

What a great performace by Kinsler lat night! I tuned in just in time to see his last double, then heard them mention he already had hit for the cycle with an extra single! Hope you all have him on your fantasy team!

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