Circle Me Bert

Bert Blyleven has once again proven he belongs in the Hall of Fame, if only for his stellar performance as the Kingdom of the Netherlands pitching coach during this year's World Baseball Classic.

The former Minnesota Twins curveball specialist, in his first year as a WBC coach, has put together quite the miracle. Most of these guys are virtual unknowns who have no shot at pitching at the major league level as far as we can tell. They're Class-AA hurlers at best. Sidney Ponson for crying out loud.

Yet somehow, the Dutch rotation and bullpen have allowed a combined 6 runs on 23 hits over their last three contests, holding the Dominican Republic to just 3 runs over two games. The Dominican Republic. The WBC's radically over-paid team, now eliminated in the first round.

Circle me, Bert.

For a far more detailed description of why Blyleven belongs in the Hall, check out Joe Posnanski's blog.

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Bert Belongs!!!