Donnie Baseball is Such a Homer

Don Mattingly may be a total New York Yankees homer, but that doesn't mean I don't agree with him on the Blah Blah Steroids Scandal involving Alex Rodriguez.

It's time to move on, folks. This crap went down more than two weeks ago. In the sporting news world, that's like 20 years.
"Here is how I feel," Mattingly said regarding the matter. "He did something wrong. He admitted [he used steroids from 2001-03], now let's move on."
It doesn't really matter what else he said about it -- especially since he kind of went on and on -- because that sentence made a great point. I don't want to hear from his cousin and I certainly don't care what his lawyer has to say. Call him a cheater, call him a failure, just stop regurgitating old news. It's killing me.

High five Donnie.

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