The Friendliest Analyst in the Universe

It has been previously documented on BLB that we weren't quite convinced that Sean Casey is the nicest guy on the planet. However, the (most recently) former Boston Red Sox first baseman's latest agenda has us thinking otherwise. He's actually pretty jolly.

Casey, 34, has decided to retire after 12 mostly under-achieving -- he twice was just one RBI away from triple digits -- yet friendly seasons in the big leagues, serving time with five different teams. He will now embark on a new journey with the MLB Network as a studio analyst. A channel which devotes 24/24 hours in a day to baseball? Yes please, I'll take two.

The perky cornerman became a three-time All-Star during his eight seasons with the Cincinatti Reds, later moving onto Pittsburgh and Detroit, and finally finishing his career in Beantown last year by batting .322 in 69 games with no longballs and 17 RBIs.

Happy Trails, Happyman.

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