I Got Snowed In

It's been a crazy winter since the World Series ended, and with the hot stove burning, I've decided to come home from vacation and reunite with my one true love. America's Pastime.

One of the latest stories loosely-related to our favorite game involves Lizzy's #1 atop the list of people who she'd like to knock the fuck out: Roger Clemens.

So, what's new with The Rocket? His name is apparently being removed from the Sports Medicine portion of the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX, effective January 1st... in order to "better reflect its commitment to all sports and athletes." You know, not just the cheaters.

Blah Blah Steroids.

So much has changed, yet so little. Good to be back for a bit, and long live baseball. Even though some if not most of its franchises stand for all that is wrong with humanity, there are the few and the proud who still believe. On that note, have a safe and happy New Year, see you in 2009.

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RandBall's Stu said...

Sooze? Sooze? Sooze! Soooooooooooze!

CoolerHead said...

Happy New Year.

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