If The World Were Perfect, It Wouldn't Be

Yogi Berra was one of baseball's greatest players. He played in 14 World Series, was a fifteen-time All Star, and won the AL MVP three times, in 1951, 1954 and 1955. Yogi also hit the first pinch hit home run in World Series history in 1947. When he managed, he holds the distinction of being one of the only managers to win both NL and AL pennants.

When he played catcher, he liked to talk behind the plate. A lot. He had a knack for saying crazy sayings like, "When you get to the fork in the road, take it," or, "It gets late early out here."

In 1942, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Branch Rickey, offered Berra $250 to play for the team, but Yogi turned him down. Rickey reportedly said, "He'll never make anything more than a Triple A ballplayer at best."

My dad used to tell us Yogi Berra stories. Three daughters, but that never stopped my dad from teaching us about sports. He played catcher himself, taking style tips from Yogi. I learned everything I know about baseball from my dad.

Ok, I know this is supposed to be a light-hearted blog, so I'm gonna cut to the chase. My dad died in his sleep, in his armchair Sunday night watching Sportscenter. Without him, this babe would know nothing about baseball, much less Yogi Berra.

This one's for you, Pops. Hope you're playing with the greats in that diamond in the sky.

As for the rest of you, remember who taught you about baseball. And give them a call if you can. It's like the best sport ever.


Anonymous said...

Deepest Sympathies to you, dear Maggliana. Real life puts baseball into a better perspective; I'm sure you will think of dad whenever you hear about Yogi. I know I will. A toast to your dad for giving you the love of a game as only as a father can.

from, your picture begging baseball fan

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