Tigers Take Knapp, Rehire Jones

After handing bullpen coach Jeff Jones his walking papers after the last botched White Sox series, the Detroit Tigers club along with new pitching coach Rick Knapp (formerly of the Minnesota Twins) decided to throw out the old, and replace it with....the same.

Jones was apparently the only interviewee for the position when team officials met for the second time. I can only imagine what the conversation was like...

Rick Knapp: "So, what candidates do we have picked out for bullpen coach?"
Jim Leyland: "Actually, Rick, just one. Jones."
Knapp: "Todd Jones?"
Dave Dombrowski: "No, Jeff Jones."
Knapp: "Uh, didn't you guys just fire him?"
Leyland: "Yep."
Dombrowski: "But we didn't want Chuck Hernandez to feel singled out. He's such a nice guy."
Knapp: "Ok, whatever."

Jones had been the bullpen pitching coach for two years after being the pitching coach in triple A Toledo for many years.

I think Rick and Jeff can be drinkin' buddies. They may need start to whip the pitching staff into shape.


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Sooze said...

Sweet uni-brow Jones.