Someday, We'll Go All The Way

ironic, right?This blows.

The Cubs were supposed to win it all this year.

What good is a $120M payroll, the 2nd best home record in the majors and an obsessive fan base if you can't even win one goddamn playoff game EVER?

I was going to live-blog this game. But, it's the top of the 3rd inning and the Cubs are down 0-2 already.

So it wouldn't be as much "live blogging" as it would be "getting drunk".

Alfonso Soriano could make me feel a whole lot better if he did that thing that lead-off hitters are supposed to be good at: getting on base. He's batting an underwhelming .091 for the series.

How did we get here? Where did it all go wrong? How could the 2nd best team in baseball be doing so poorly when it counts? (For that matter, how is the best team in baseball down 0-2 to the wild card team?)

Cubs fans can still be happy that the White Sox are also in danger of getting swept by the Tampa Bay Rays. And Smilin' Matt Garza takes the mound tomorrow. Aw yeeeah.

For all my deep and unwavering hatred of the Red Sox, and for all the completely reasonable comparisons of the two teams, I love the Cubbies like I love few things in life. Why, you ask? It's simple: my grandfather's war buddy retired from the club this year. I went to his retirement party, where I met Dutchie Caray and the guy who changes the "balls" and "strikes" count on the Wrigley scoreboard. Best day EVER.

Ha, TBS just showed Rob Reiner with his arm around Jon Lovitz. Awkward!

Dear Cubs,
Still hopeful,

[Wait of the World - Yahoo! Sports] | [Bleed Cubbie Blue]


Sooze said...

That's a great pic.

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