Long Time No See, Buddy!

Iron Maiden's debut self titled album Iron Maiden is released in April.

The film The Elephant Man, directed by my all-time favorite, David Lynch, opens in New York City in October.

All of our mothers wondered who shot J.R.

The year was 1980 and it was the last time -- until now -- the Philadelphia Phillies won a World Series Championship.

Thanks in large part to MVP Cole Hamels, Brad "Unstoppable" Lidge, the clutch bats Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jayson "Squirrelface" Werth, and eventually Ryan "Slump" Howard and company, the 2008 Phillies have brought another ring to the city of Brotherly Love.

After the rain-shortened Game 5 resumed in Philly in the bottom of the sixth with Geoff Jenkins at the plate, the team of 10,000 losses stood and roared when the ---- led off with a double to center before Jimmy Rollins moved him into scoring position on a sac fly. And score he did, on a base hit by Werth with one out.

Rocco Baldelli’s solo shot off reliever Ryan Madson in the top of the 7th made it 3-all, but Pedro Feliz, not knowing he just nailed the game-winner, answered with an RBI grounder in the bottom half to score Eric Bruntlett and give the Phils a 4-3 lead.

It was a game where "God Bless America" replaced the National Anthem and the seventh inning stretch left many fans incredibly thirsty.

Congratulations, fellas. Let the countdown to winterball begin!

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Bassmaster said...

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome series. It's too bad Hamels got screwed out of the win though.