Job Posting: Detroit Pitching Coach

It was announced Monday after the 8-2 debacle against the White Sox that the Detroit Tigers' pitching coach Chuck Hernandez, and bullpen coach Jeff Jones, have been canned like last year's harvest.

When asked to comment what new voice could reach the pitchers, the ever direct Leyland replied dryly, "I would have to say, at least one of the apostles."

Good one, skipper.

The pitching rotation experienced difficulties from the beginning. After spending $29 million on a 3-year contract with Dontrelle Willis, he walked 21 batters in 11 1/3 innings in his second start after coming off the DL with a hyper-extended left knee. Ouch.

Justin Verlander, a Detroit favorite since pitching a no-hitter on June 12 in 2006 against Milwaukee, never seemed to regain his control and went 11-17 this year. I think the apostles can help this guy.

Starters Kenny Rogers and Nate Robertson? They might need a little coaching from the J.C. himself.

Stronger starters like Armando Galarraga (let's forget what happened Monday, please) had a record of 13-7, and Zach Miner, 8-5. Not bad.

Whoever inherits the ever-messy Tigers bullpen has more work cut out for him. Let's hope he has more than seven days, 'k? And I hope he can throw a punch as well as Kyle Farnsworth.

Sadly, they will never get the chance to work with Todd Jones. I kind of had a soft spot for Jonesy, driving his Hummer out of the park every day after giving up three or six runs in the 9th inning. I always thought of him as the guy that worked in the plastics factory you'd see at the bar at 11:30 just after second shift gets out on Tuesday. And I really don't mean that in a bad way, I'm serious...

Anyway, just send your application to Dave Dombrowski. I have heard lots of you talk about how you could do a better job with these guys, let's see you prove it.

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Marea said...

My Grandma applied. She was turned down for being over qualified.

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