Griffey Hopes to Hear a Ringing in His Ears...

To be more specific, he's waiting for his phone to ring, a la Barry Bonds.. Barry, by the way, never got that phone call. He got some prank calls, and some heavy breathing calls, to which he credits (but can't prove to be) Roger Clemens.

Back to my breaking news though.. which really isn't that shocking. The White Sox apparently have no use for Ken Griffey Jr. now that they made it to, and eventually lost in, the post-season.

Hopefully, if he can stay healthy, Junior can find a home somewhere in the DH spot of an AL team. If anything, just so he can hit a few more bombs to safely cement his #5 spot on the all time home run hitters list before heading to the retirement home. (I'd hate for him to get passed up by some non-deserving, bat corking ass-clown.. you never know.. Sosa might un-retire again just to be a prick).

Despite his turn to the South (evil) Side of Chicago, this BLB holds a soft spot in her heart for Junior. He has been awesome (when he's not out with a hangnail or some other nagging injury) without any magic injections or creams or juices. I'm glad the evil empire doesn't want him back. They already ruined Jim Thome for me.
I'm sure Junior's phone will ring. At least, I hope it does.



Maggliana said...

Poor Griff, to be used like a kleenex the Sox shot their wad in then tossed out! Ok, maybe he likes it like that. True, the only juices he uses are fruity and delicious. Maybe the Tigs will swap out ol' Sheff for him. After Sheff hits 500, he wil offically stop trying.

That picture kills me.