No More Mustachio

Todd Jones has decided to retire at season's end.

The 40-year-old Detroit Tigers closer revealed his future (in an incredibly positive manner) in the latest issue of the Sporting News magazine.

"So this is it," he wrote. "If you’re a Tigers fan, I’ll never stress you out again. If you’re not a Tigers fan, you’ll never have me as your ace in the hole, convinced I’ll blow a lead against your team."

/collective sigh of relief uttered in Motor City.

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Marea said...

That mustache can't mask his lack of self esteem...
Maybe he'll end up with a lucrative career doing anti-depressant ads?

Megs said...

He's a sad, sad man.

aras said...

His self esteem needs a bigger stash.

Dave, MI said...


Joe said...

Maybe the best mustache in baseball... behind Robin Yount, who's delicious lip fur is legendary.

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