Scott Boras Claims Another Soul

Scott Boras has struck again, this time in the form of an unknowing 21-year-old, power-hitting third baseman. Too bad instant replay wasn't established before the August 15th draft deadline.

No. 2 pick Pedro Alvarez, currently on baseball's restricted list, has refused to sign his contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, leading the players’ association to file a grievance Wednesday, claiming the deadline was extended by MLB without their permission.

The Bucs agreed to a minor league contract with Alvarez, including a $6 million signing bonus on the morning of August 16th. However, his agent, Scott Boras recommended his client not report until the agreement was renegotiated. Apparently, the deal was inked after the midnight deadline for draft picks.

I mean seriously, it's not like the kid is going to re-enter the draft, and no one wants to see Boras allowed to renegotiate, so his claim is likely to be shut down like John Kruk at the Sunday buffet. After that, the Pirates plan on strengthening their relationship with Alvarez "as a person and a player"... which is great, cause he's fricking awesome.

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Megs said...

Scott Boras is a bad, bad man.

Michael said...

thanks for the shout out!

-Mike from badwax

Deaner said...

If Boras is the devil then Bud Selig is the antichrist.

IWS Sports Blog said...

Time for me to add another chapter to my 'How Scott Boras became the most hated man in baseball' saga...

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