Reunited and It Feels So... Um... Yeah.

Someone wants Bobby Kielty to play baseball for them after all.

The Minnesota Twins signed the freakishly pumped up outfielder to a minor league contract, assigning him directly to the AAA Rochester Red Wings.

Kielty made his big league debut with the Twins in 2001 before eventually being traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for outfielder Shannon Stewart (who helped resurrect the Soul Patrol) also making stops in Oakland and Boston along the way. With Michael Cuddyer's broken-ness, the Twins might even be able to use him against leftys. But probably not.

The great Camp Tiger Claw claims this is all my fault. He says I should have never said yes... and I tend to agree.

Speaking of the Twins, check out my interview about my hometown heroes on the House of Georges, where a photo of me was replaced with that of an awesome member of a super sweet band.

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Timberhill said...

Suppose we can finagle Dustin Mohr away from the Rockies to join Kielty in Rochester? They need to be reunited.

rock said...

Carrot Top's little brother looks scary.

Lauren said...

Apparently the Red Winds had literally zero bench players. Bobby Kielty, meet the pine.

randball's stu said...

Can he pitch the 8th?

Sooze said...

Can he pitch the 8th?

Yeah, cause Boof was lightin it up last night.

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