K-Rod Is Out of Control

Francisco Rodriguez earned his 50th save Sunday, helping the Los Angeles Angels seal a 5-3 victory over the Minnesota Twins and reaffirm his consistent 2008 badassery.

K-Rod got three outs in the ninth and caught a surly Denard Span looking to end the game, moving him within seven saves of Bobby Thigpen’s 1990 single-season record with the Chicago White Sox.
"I would love to get that record. I’m not going to lie to you," he said.
Petty sure that won't be a problem, what with closing for the best team in baseball, whose magic number is 16 after creating a 17-game lead over the second-place Texas Rangers in the AL West.

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Bassmaster said...

He's gonna smash Thigpen's record. No doubt about it.

Deaner said...

K-Rod's celebrations on the mound irritate me to no end. Not as much, however, as that little hop thing that Alfonso Soriano does before he catches a routine fly ball.

Listen to me... I sound like a crotchety old man... I guess some people think it's entertaining.

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