Holy Smokes, Eh?

Josh Hamilton's awesomeness knows no bounds.

The Texas Rangers center fielder's impressive, 28-bomb first-round performance in the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium Monday night shattered the previous record of 24 set by Bobby Abreu in 2005. He nailed a few more going into the final round against Minnesota Twins slugger Justin Morneau, who hit 8 in the first and 9 in the Semis.

My Canadian Crusher hit five more in the final round, which was just enough to beat Hamilton, who hit three over 500 feet in all, but just 3 in the finale.

Everyone but the good folks of Minnesota and Canada felt utter disappointment. Especially Jesus.

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Megs said...

AWESOME!!! Count me in ass one of the few folks in the world who isn't disappointed right now!