Too Cool for School

Jim Edmonds is either too old or too cool to properly high five a teammate. What is that?

At any rate, the 37-year-old veteran outfielder smashed not one, but two dingers in the Chicago Cubs nine-run fourth against the cross-town Sox Saturday. Yes, in the same inning. Yes, that Jim Edmonds.

Way to go, buddy!

[Chicago Sun-Times]


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with too cool. He hit two homers in the same inning, he can high five however the hell he wants to. Okay, too old..he's turning 38 next week.


Sooze said...

I got a text yesterday from an avid Cubs fan saying that Jim Edmonds made him homer in his pants. Twice.

Katie said...

He's still got it! I miss Jimmy in the outfield.

Chitown Chick said...

I was concerned about the Edmonds trade when it first happened, but now I think I love him. He's no Aramis, my one true love, but he's taking to the north side very well.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that Edmonds wasn't traded...I believe he was released by the Padres and picked up by the Cubs.

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