Fastest Skipper Gets Fined for Being Slow

Ron Gardenhire, manager of the Minnesota Twins -- the fastest team in baseball -- was fined an unknown amount Tuesday, along with Houston Astros skipper Cecil Cooper: both a bit edgy when it comes to umpires and bad calls.

But the two were not fined for ump-bumping. They were disciplined for "failing to comply with pace of game regulations last weekend."

Bud Selig is a crotchety old bastard has shown recent concern with the speed of games these days. *cough* so old *cough* So, he asked teams and officials to enforce the game-pace rules, including the 12-second pitching rule.

Here's where things start to get ridiculous. An average nine-inning game played this season lasts 2:51:42. That's a 29-second increase from last season and a 5.5-minute spike from five years ago. According to Elias, the length of a ballgame in 1981 was typically 2:33. If you're like me and you're awesome at math, you'll know that we get 18 more minutes of baseball now!

If there's such a concern, why don't they stop driving Dodge trucks out onto the field every three innings to waste time during Cialis commercials? Just a thought.

I can't really imagine ever thinking a baseball game is too long. Except this one time a few years ago when the Twins went 18 innings (and lost) against the Red Sox. They stopped serving beer in the 7th... pretty sure I was drunk, hung-over and sober without ever leaving the Metrodome.

Speaking of the Dome, check out We've Got Heart's latest article on women and baseball: an , Corporate Communicatons Manager with the Twins.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it was kinda bullshit that the plate ump didn't give Harris time during that game. Gardy only gets ejected when necessary. I totally disagree with the idea that he was slowing down the game on purpose. What a stupid rule.

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