Coco Crisp Gets His Ass Kicked

Fricking awesome. First of all, Rick Sutcliffe not only called it, he demanded it. which you can watch here. This bench-clearing brawl was BY FAR the most awesome baseball-related fight that didn't involve a bat and wasn't on Youtube I have ever seen. In my life.

James Shields throws the haymaker and MISSES?! That's just unfortunate. And while Coco Crisp got a couple good punches in there, he pretty much got his ass railed by the entire Tampa Bay Rays 25-man roster.

Then he basically called the Rays a bunch of hair-pulling, scratching, football-playing little girls during a post-game interview. If that doesn't constitute a fastball between the shoulder blades, I don't know what does.

I also wanted to point out, in case you couldn't tell from the sheer brutality, Jonny Gomes is an animal.

To top things off, Manny bitch-slapped Youk and hurts himself? Jacoby makes a sensational diving catch, and hurts himself... what is happening with Red Sox Nation? And why would the meek and mild Barry Bonds ever want to play there now?

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Megs said...

Too bad Big Papi was hurt.