Way to Go, Ted Lilly!

Way to go, buddy!
Congratulations to Ted Lilly for fanning his 1,000th batter Saturday afternoon.

The Chicago Cubs veteran lefty worked seven solid innings, striking out four for 1,002 career K's and walking none while allowing three runs to score on six hits and tossing a season-high 112 pitches.

Lilly is slowly climbing out of the horrible 0-3 hole he dug himself to kick off the season -- where he compiled a 9.16 ERA over his first four starts -- going 2-1 with a 2.84 ERA over his last three outings.

He highlighted the day not just by reaching a strikeout milestone, but by nailing his second career extra-base hit to kick off the seventh inning, complete with a belly-flop slide into second on what could have easily been a stand-up double.

'Atta boy.



Bassmaster said...

I love when a pitcher has dirt on his uni. You just don't see that in the American League.