Ump Chokes on Carlos Delgado Homer Call

'I'm the one who thought it was a [bleeping] foul ball.'Carlos Delgado's shot to left bounced off of the foul pole and landed under a fan's seat. A fair ball, a home run. Too bad 3 out of 4 umpires disagreed.

Third base ump and crew chief Mike Reilly was overruled by the others, including home plate umpire Bob Davidson, who made the foul call, which would have given the New York Mets a 6-0 lead over the New York Yankees in the fourth.

This resulted in the ejections of bench coach Jerry Manuel, as he and Willie Randolph argued the call. Meanwhile, the Mets fan who caught the ball had all the evidence needed, showing off the dark scuff mark on it created by the pole.
"I [bleeped] up," said Davidson after seeing the replay. "I'm the one who thought it was a [bleeping] foul ball. No one feels worse about it than I do."
Good thing the Mets still won it, 11-2. Your thoughts on instant replay? Those who like to bet on baseball may be all for it.



Jacob said...

I'm a baseball purist (also hate the DH) so I think instant replay in baseball is a horrible idea. What would the game be without managers getting tossed? Who cares if it would speed up the game.