There's That Sucking Sound Again

The sucking sound is getting louder. Almost piercing.
This is the only face Barry Zito makes these days. A sad one. You know, it's not even a good time to poke fun at the guy anymore.

Ok, it still is.

Really, his season line speaks for itself: 0-8, 6.25 ERA, 22 K, 24 BB and a 1.90 WHIP.

But there's an upside to everything. At least he's made history! Zito is the first San Francisco Giants pitcher to fall to 0-8 kicking off the season since Jesse Burkett in 1890.

It's taken 118 years for someone to suck that bad. Way to go, buddy!

[FOX Sports]


Mr. Thursday said...

I happen to know for a fact that, last night, you had hurt-puppy sympathy for Barry. Today, of course, the ship has been righted, perspective regained, and there shall be no sympathy for healthy men with 126 million dollars.

Sooze said...

I totally did, and it has. And no, there shall not be.

Jim said...

Yeah, screw him. I hope no one feels bad for Barry. He's making money hand over fist for sucking at his job. As a Giants fan, I'm sick about it.

Mr. Thursday said...

Well, I think there's a big, big space between being unsympathetic about Barry sucking and being angry at him for sucking while getting paid. I would've accepted that contract if offered it, and I'm an even softer tossing lefty than he is. I could make that 0-8 record look positively charming.

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