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Out of Commission

Sometimes there are so many injuries at once that we have to roll them all up into one big post and call it Out of Commission. So here we go.

Shef is angry and has an owie on his shoulderLet's start with everyone's favorite, fun-loving guy, Gary Sheffield. The Detroit Tigers designated hitter was placed Tuesday due to perpetual orneriness and an oblique strain on his left side.

Shef hurt himself running out a grounder to short in the third inning of Monday's game against the Los Angeles Angels, making it just halfway down the line before grabbing his side and being replaced by a younger, more cheerful pinch-hitter in the sixth.

In other Motor City news, Carlos Guillen has hemorrhoids and .

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Eric ByrnesMoving right along, Eric Byrnes has landed on the disabled list . The Arizona Diamondbacks left-fielder has lost some of his trademark hustle after experiencing relentless soreness in his hamstrings.

Prior to the move on Tuesday, Byrnes was batting just .219 with six homers and 23 RBIs, but decided to be a man and not blame his poor performance at the plate on his rusty legs.

While running drills with center fielder Chris Young a few days before Spring Training, Byrnes felt a tweak in his hammy. After over-compensating with his other leg, that one eventually began to hurt, and the rest is history.

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Pronk is hurtingThe Cleveland Indians may place designated hitter and all-around monster Travis Hafner on the DL after he rode the bench for the second straight game Tuesday night with a sore right shoulder.

This will surely cover up what appears to be a season-long slump for Pronk. He's batting .217 with four homers and 22 RBIs over the first 46 games, and is currently enduring a 10-for-42 slide in his last 15 games. Hey, injuries are always a great way to save face!

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