The Mike Napoli Show

The Mike Napoli Show, live from Los Angeles.
There's Garret Anderson, Torii, Vlad, and... Mike Napoli!

The Los Angeles Angels catcher is leading the club with 10 homers after nailing two on Sunday to drive in a career-high five runs in the Halos’ 10-2 victory over the cross-town Dodgers.

His 10 bombs equal the number between Anderson and Hunter and are six more than the slumping Guerrero. Why are his 23 RBIs so impressive? Napoli has only played in 27 of the team's 46 games, since he's sharing backstop duties with Jeff Mathis.

[LA Times]


Tuffy said...

Wow, that one snuck up on me completely. Talk about your age-26 career year! He's traded walks for home runs with no other effect on his stat line. That's freaky.

Rob said...

BTW, thanks for the linky!

Rob said...

Oh, and as for Naps' dingers being a career year or something? I wouldn't bet on it. Napoli hit 29 dingers in the Cal League, 31 in the Texas League (winning All-Star awards in both leagues), with a similar offensive profile: lots of walks, lots of homers, and lots of strikeouts, while carrying an underwhelming batting average. The optimistic comp is Mickey Tettleton, but Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA doesn't know what to make of him; eight of his 20 comparable seasons were headed downhill. He disappeared for long stretches with AA Arkansas, and he did so last year, too; this pace won't necessarily continue, but he's clearly made some adjustments from last year.

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