Big Unit Still Dealin'

The oldest unit ever.Wow. That is one of the most flattering pictures of Randy Johnson I have ever seen.

His slider has lost some slide and his fastball isn't so fast anymore, so The Big Unit has worked a split-finger fastball and sinker into his bag to find new ways to win ballgames. Also, he pitches for an awesome team, so that helps.

The 44-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks veteran tied Tommy John Sunday at 24th on the career wins list with victory #288 and his 4th of the season.

He lasted a season-high seven innings against the Detroit Tigers, allowing six hits and a walk and striking out five on 98 pitches in the 4-0 win.

The Motor City Kitties were a horrid 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position Sunday, and 1-for-20 in the series. Cringe.

[Walkoff Walk]


Megs said...

He looks like a turkey.