We Love Us Some Zim

While Washington Nationals righty Tim Redding took his one-hit bid into the eighth inning Wednesday night, Ryan Zimmerman pulled off his own heroics.

The 23-year-old third baseman smoked a 1-2 pitch the other way, straight into the right-field stands in the sixth (his second) to give the unbeaten Nats their third win of the season with a 1-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Zim also flashed some leather, making a sweet diving stop on a stinger by Pat Burrell to avoid trouble in the seventh.

Redding, who at one point retired 14 straight, surrendered a Pedro Feliz single in the second and walked three over seven innings. Red out-dueled Phillies stud Cole Hamels, who allowed one run on five hits over eight innings of work.

This marks the first year since 2003 -- back in Montreal Expos days -- that the team has started their season 3-0. In fact, it seems Redding has adopted an A.J. Pierzynski Loves Journey attitude on their season's outlook:

"We believe," he said.
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Megs said...

And boy do we love us D'Meat HooK! He has gotten so fat!! Ha!