Sarah Turns 21 for the 9th Time

Happy Birthday to our lovely Sarah, who is so awesome that she makes ninjas want to climb trees and wail on their guitars.

We won't say exactly how old she is today, but if you're any good with math, you may have figured it out by now. When she's not obsessing over Jorge Posada or rocking out to Pat Benatar (love is, indeed, a battlefield) she is writing kickass shit at one of the zillion online ventures she is a part of.

We're lucky to have such a hilarious, talented lady in our presence. Here's to a very Happy Birthday, a fabulous dinner with your hunky man, and many, many Stoli Razzes with Sprite.


Megs said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I don't think there are four girls in this world who can bring it better than you ladies can. What a great addition you are!!

Jacob said...

Stoli Razz and SPRITE? Oh man. Have fun puking tomorrow.

Seriously though, hope you have a happy birthday!

Sarah said...

Aawww...you guys rock my world.

Tuffy said...

I thought the smell of Ben-Gay and Stoli was from Hampton. My apologies.

(We kid from love. Happy birthday, young lady.)

Casey said...

Jorge Posada is hunky? I may be a guy and all, but wouldn't that take a lotta beers to arrive at that conclusion? :)

Eric (Extra P.) said...

Hoo-ray, Sarah!

MCBias said...

Happy Birthday!

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