Mike Hampton Broke a Mirror

Okay, maybe we're optimists, but we seriously thought Mike Hampton would at least make it to the mound today.

Maybe the Atlanta Braves lefty walked under a ladder, stepped on a crack, and crossed paths with a black cat right after breaking a mirror. Seriously, this guy's injury rate is ridiculous.

And today was supposed to be the day. The day Mike Hampton threw a baseball for real. His two-year absence has been extended however, after he hurt his left pec muscle... during his warm-up.

Hampton, 35, is a giant sissy headed back to the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to March 30th. Fellow lefty Jo-Jo Reyes is expected to be called up from the AAA Richmond Braves to take his spot on the roster.

[Atlanta Journal]


Jake the Snake said...

Who the hell jinxed this guy?