Whole New Ball Game

I suppose that if Johan Santana were to ask anyone for batting tips, it'd be the man with one of the sweetest swings around, Joe Mauer.

The spankin' new Mets ace was in Fort Meyers, FL Tuesday, and dropped by the Minnesota Twins' spring training facility for a surprise visit. His first stop was to Mauer's cubicle, where he asked the catcher for a bat.

"I need to get ready for this," Santana said. "I need more than one."
Over eight seasons in Minnesota, the two-time Cy Young winner batted a career .258 (8-for-31) with zero homers and 3 RBIs.

Good thing he's awesome at throwing baseballs.
"It's good to be back and say hello," Johan said. "I thought I'd spend my career here and with nobody else. That didn't happen. It's a business, and that's what they had to do. It's sad, but I had to move on. I wish them all the best, and hopefully it works out for everybody."
He went on to say that though he misses his old teammates, he's pumped for his fairytale future with New York.

Speaking of the Twins, feel free to check out/ridicule my attempt at a Season Preview limerick on AOL Fanhouse. Here is the one that was rejected...

The Twins are talented and young
I hear that Boof Bonser is hung
But nothing turns me on
Like a Canadian Crusher bomb
After the National Anthem has been sung

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The Inevitable Muck-up said...

I am vexed. This is terribly vexing.